Linoleum Touch-Up Kit

Touch-Up Kit are a speedy, permanent solution regarding touch-up and repair associated with almost any piece of furniture.

The Kit has a Putty Stick and a Furniture Pen plus an fill stick scraper and abrasive pad. Please select carefully and always test match the color on an laminate surface before applying to an exposed area

Touch-Up and Repair Kit work on:

  • Wood flooring
  • Lower price Furniture
  • Workdesk
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures
  • Living area
  • Fixtures

Normally Touch Up Pens observe Floor, Wooden flooring, Laminate kitchen floors, Vinyl Flooring, and Bamboo Flooring

Recommendations: Use Touch-Up Markers colour straight to minimal scuff marks, worn perimeters, imperfections, and imperfections. Do it again as needed. Employ fill stick to stay with fill up serious scuff marks, gouges, scratches, divots along with cracks.

Utilize marker shade around filler as needed. Speedily wash away from excessive marker as well as filler stick with a clean, lint-free fabric.

Linoleum Touch-Up Kit

Touch-Up Solutions has developed selection of 24 hues. This makes it great for you to be capable of mend solid wood mend problem areas in your business office, manufacturer, fixtures retail store, hotel room, and many other parts. Call us at this time at 1-877-346-4747 or 828-428-9094

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