There has never ever been a less arduous, more convenient, as well as less expensive strategy to fill along with hide lacerations, gouges, and chafes on just about any shade involving interior household furniture and wood. These fill sticks involving carefully decided on wood colors that mixture together for the near ideal match every time.


Pick the fill stick that most tightly matches large of the solid wood to be mended. Rub your fill stick back and forth vertical with respect to the damage. Rub speedily to create high temperature. The fill sticks interact with friction which in turn creates high temperature. Wipe over excess fill stick content with a smooth cloth. Be sure to wipe exactly the excess content off the defected area. Once the damage is properly filled remove off the surplus and check color match.


Clear Topcoat inside a Marker, Aerosol, or a Touch-Up Bottle is needed to properly seal off the restoration.




Standard Colors  [132 Colors]

Metallic  [12 Colors]

Transparent  [12 Colors]

Series I  [24 Colors]

Series II  [24 Colors]

Kids  [24 Colors]


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